Technology Solutions

FinNET™ Technology Solutions help save you time and money

To help you manage your insurance programs in the fastest, most efficient manner possible, we are building the FinNET™ family of web-based technology solutions. FinNET LPF is the first application in the FinNET family and is designed to save time and money for Berkley FinSecure Lender Placed and Foreclosed Policy (LPF) customers.

FinNET LPF helps you manage your lender placed and foreclosed property coverage

FinNET LPF is a secure, online application that facilitates reporting, placing and renewing coverage for your lender placed and foreclosed properties so that you quickly get the coverage needed to protect your interests. Access to FinNET LPF is provided free of charge to every Berkley FinSecure LPF policyholder and their agents or brokers.

All features of FinNET LPF are designed to save you time and money with a more efficient process:

  • Quick, flexible reporting of properties by batch upload of spreadsheets or online reporting of individual properties
  • Standard or customized spreadsheet file layouts designed for the way you want to report properties
  • Flexible selection of coverages you need for each individual property, based on your master policy provisions
  • Convenient storage of all supporting documents right in FinNET LPF
  • Flexible search for property, locations, coverage, coverage requests and import batches
  • Instant premium information for each entered property
  • Quick renewal and cancellation of coverage for the properties you select
  • Instant access to view and print all master policy information
  • New auto-renewal feature, that automatically carries properties over to the next reporting period during the policy term until you cancel it

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